Joining Club Yellow Tops – The Internet Computer Club of Global Frontiers Institute offers a range of benefits that cater to individuals interested in enhancing their internet and computer-related skills, connecting with like-minded individuals, and staying updated on the latest trends in technology. Here are some key benefits of becoming a member:

  1. Skill Development:

2. Networking Opportunities:

3. Exclusive Resources:

4. Community Engagement:

5. Professional Growth:

6. Personal Enrichment:

7. Support and Mentorship:

By joining Club Yellow Tops – The Internet Computer Club of Global Frontiers Institute, individuals can access a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and educational experiences that contribute to their personal and professional development in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Annual membership subscription
and Online account Activation rate:

Regular Member Account: PhP300 (Philippine pesos) only.
Premium Member Account: PhP1500 only. (For Event Organizers and Community Leaders)
Enterprise Builder Account: PhP15,000 only. (For Educational Web App Developers)

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    Please fill out the form below to apply for Club Yellow Tops membership and activate your online account for the upcoming year. Choose your desired membership option and subscription rate:

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